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It’s a CKP!

Chi-ku-pa! Chi-ku-pa! CKP! CKP!

Chi-ku-pa! Chi-ku-pa! CKP! CKP!

Not too long ago, the song ちくわパフェだよCKP (Chikuwa Parfait da yo CKP) came out on Japanese Bemani rhythm games. You can listen it here (it’s catchy!).

Thanks to the song, Viva and I set out to create a chikuwa parfait! For reference, chikuwa is a squishy tube-shaped food with a fishy taste. They’re great in noodles but why someone would put it in a parfait, I have no idea.



From the lyrics, the ingredients are:

Cream vanilla ice cream strawberries and banana and the main is

Of course (of course! (*’ー’*)♪) chikuwa meu (chikuwa (*゚ ワ゚) ?)

And if you add melted chocolated it’ll be complete

It’ll be fine. It’ll definitely be fine! ヽ(‘ヮ’)ノ

Layering these ingredients, with the addition of chocolate-flavoured cereal (a custom addition), we created a chikupa. I have to say, the taste was… interesting. The chikuwa tasted horrible on its own but if you can manage to eat it along with lots of cream or ice cream, you won’t taste any fishiness.

But next time I’ll stick to normal parfaits.


A three.js voxel digital circuit simulator

Well the university semester’s now over. I never ended up updating about my three.js project much as many of the middle weeks involved researching into improving my program’s performance.

In any case, here’s the final result. It’s not great (memory usage is high) but it works. You can even do stuff like make binary counters!

Actually, this is half the reason I made the JK flip flop a block

Actually, this is half the reason I made the JK flip flop a block

Edit: It’s been over a year now, and recent updates to Chrome have meant that the simulator no longer works with the latest Chrome versions. Darn.