Project SDVX: Part 2

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A lot of loot

A lot of loot

I came home today to find, with joy, that my Sparkfun shipment had finally arrived. Sure it took a while, but to be fair I did choose the cheapest shipping option.

What I got was:

  • A pack or resistors, because I have no idea which ones I’ll need. In fact, I have no idea how to work out which ones I’ll need either, but I’ll figure that out somehow.
  • A new breadboard, because I like having an entire column for for + and – voltage. It makes breadboarding much easier (my previous breadboard only had rows of 5 holes).
  • An Arduino Uno, to program the rotary encoders.
  • 3 rotary encoders and 3 knobs. I bought one extra just in case one breaks, because Sparkfun shipping is not the cheapest out there. These ones have a clicky feeling as you turn them, which from memory is different from how the arcade knobs feel.
  • Some wire, just in case.

I probably didn’t need the resistors, breadboard and wire, but I thought that I might as well get a few more things while I was at it.

The Arduino really is quite small. Here’s a comparison with my favourite Pilot ballpoint pen.

The box this came in was probably small than a deck of cards

The box this came in was probably small than a deck of cards

Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to start testing the rotary encoders straight away, I can’t yet. The first reason is because I’ll be busy for the next few days, but the second and bigger reason is that I don’t have a USB cable.

Yes, I should have checked when I bought it.

So now it’s time for a bit more waiting while I buy a USB cable for my Arduino. Meanwhile I’ll also have to figure out is how to use the rotary encoders – there’s about 8 pins on the bottom and I need to look up which one’s which. Also, it doesn’t actually fit in the breadboard so I can’t test it that way – it looks like I’ll need to attach wires to it directly.

Oh and the BT buttons from last time? I gave up and bought the round ones. Saves me money that way.

Perfectionism wishes restrained by monetary budgets

Edit: After a few minutes of research leading to Sparkfun’s USB buying guide, it appears that what I need is a USB-A to USB-B cable, which isn’t necessarily designed specifically for the Arduino. In fact, my printer cable is exactly that type, so it looks like I won’t need to buy any cables. I still can’t play around with the encoders any time soon though, due to being busy for the next few days.

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