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Song database, part 1

It works!

It’s been two months already – surely I haven’t been so busy that I’ve been too preoccupied to do any new projects?

Well actually, I have. I think I’ve been having too much fun with these Rhythm Heaven videos. Although, despite saying that, I’ve got about one or two more in progress as of writing.

But anyway, here’s a different project which I just hacked up today. Since I’m doing databases at uni this semester, I decided to make a song database. It’s meant to store all the key signatures, BPMs and time signatures that I would need to know about a song in order to include it in a medley. Currently that info is contained inside an Excel spreadsheet, which is a little inconvenient in terms of searching and sorting.

Setting up the database (I’m on Hostgator) wasn’t too hard, but I had to use the interface of phpMyAdmin since I didn’t know the syntax for MySQL. I’m sure it’s similar to PostgreSQL though, PostgreSQL being the system used by my university. Admittedly I jumped a few steps when setting up – I was too lazy to design the database properly.

After creating the database I tried connecting to it via PHP, and made it generate a table displaying all the songs I had so far in the database. It took a few tries, but the screenshot at the top shows how it turned out. Pretty good. I had to add a few extra things to make the Japanese song names show instead of the previous question marks though – something about UTF-8 character encoding.

Currently, I only have a single table of songs which you can see, although there’s more tables in the database internally. I’m planning on making the songs/artists/origins hyperlinks, so that when you click on them you can get more information. And then I’m adding a search bar so that you can search for songs based on name/artist/origin. If I’m feeling ambitious, I might even make it so that I have my own interface for adding/modifying/deleting songs (phpMyAdmin isn’t great). And if I’m feeling ultra ambitious I might add a feature for creating custom song lists, to help with medley making.

Well, that’s the plan. I don’t know how long that will take though.